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It's me! Hi! If you sang that in Taylor Swift's voice instead of actually reading it, I think we are going to be a perfect fit for each other. I'm so stoked you're here!

My name is Elisabeth, but all my friends call me "Liz". And since we’re gonna be friends, you can call me that right off the bat. I'm a mountain climber, outdoor enthusiast and elopement photographer based in Alberta's Rocky Mountains. Think of me as your adventure buddy with a camera bag!

I honestly fell in love with the outdoors first, and weddings second. I'm guessing you feel the same way, and that's why you're here! I've built my life around adventure and I love showing my couples all my favourite places here in the Canadian Rockies. Getting married is the adventure of a lifetime, so why shouldn’t your wedding day be one as well?

hey there! I'M ELISABETH

Adventure seeker. Mountain climber. Sipper of coffee and owner of way too many toques.

  • My favourite TV shows are FRIENDS (I’m almost as good of a runner as Phoebe) and The Office (the US adaptation). I'm also a big Star Wars and Harry Potter fan.

  • I have an Aussie Goldendoodle named Jasper. I named him after one of my favourite National Parks!

  • I'm certified in Advanced Wilderness First Aid + Adventure Medic.

  • I own way too many toques. And ciele hats.

  • I firmly believe there's nothing better than poutine and craft beer after a hike.

  • I've traveled to Scotland 4 times. It's my favourite place. If you combine all 4 trips, I've spent half a year of my life out there!

  • I'm obsessed with plants but I have a hard time keeping them alive. #thestruggleisreal